Sustainable Entertainment – Corona edition

In case you already binge-watched all your favourite sitcoms on Netflix and are bored of playing Trivia on Houseparty with your friends – why not get more into Sustainability? My fellow Sustainability Science, Policy and Society students (a big thank you for helping me out here!) and I have some recommendations for you.

Below you can find a list of awesome podcasts, articles and movies dealing with different aspects of sustainability. I hope you’ll find something interesting!


1. Movie: “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind"

This 2019 British drama is based on the memoir The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. It deals with a young boy name William, who grows up in the small village Wimbe in Malawi. At some point, the region faces serious climate-change related droughts, leading to ailing crops. This results in a devastating famine in William's village. Through his knowledge of engineering, power generation and his inventive spirit, William develops a plan for how to help his village out of this misery. A beautiful and heart-warming movie.

2. Podcast: “Outrage and Optimism

This highly awarded podcast was launched about a year ago and a new episode is released once a week. It discusses the outrage one can see about the climate crisis and the optimism that is needed to tackle it. The podcast strives to inform and inspire its listeners about the latest climate-crisis-related developments and features an in-depth interview with different guests every week. It is extremely interesting, informative and inspiring and due to the changing guests, it never gets boring!

3. Documentary: “Welcome to Sodom

This documentary shows the lives of people who live and work on Agbogbloshie, the biggest waste landfill in Africa. Sodom is how the people call the landfill. While the documentary illustrates what daily life in Sodom looks like, it even more focusses on the fears, dreams and stories of the people of Sodom. This documentary opens  is an eye-opener.

4. Article: “Losing Earth

For the people who are more into reading and not into listening or watching, the interactive article Losing Earth by the New York Times Magazine guides you through the History of the climate crisis awareness and crucial decisions that have been made. It is written in a narrative way, making it easy to get into the topic and is detailed and informative. Definitely worth the read!

5. Podcast: “Drilled

Drilled is a podcast that investigates climate change denial. It consists of three seasons, each of which addresses a different subtopic of climate change denial. The first season deals with how corporate power influenced and built up the issue of climate change denial for their means.  The second season investigates evidence of the climate crisis. The third season takes a look at contemporary climate change denial practices from fossil fuel companies. Disclaimer: This podcast will make you extremely angry.

6. Documentary: “Home

This 2009 French movie shows mostly aerial images of many different countries and through this, illustrates the interconnectedness and interlinkages of environmental problems. The bottom line of this movie: We only have this one planet. What negatively effects one location will eventually also affect another location.

7. Documentary: “The game changers

This movie deals with sustainability from a wider perspective. Not addressing environmental issues as such, but rather focussing on human health, The game changers focusses on the benefits of a plant-based diet with regard to athletic performance. It features a broad range of different athletes and other physically active people and gives a lot of insights about the impact of meat on our bodies. 

8. Podcast “Costing the earth

For those of you who are interested in learning about lots of different environmental and sustainability related topics: Costing the Earth is a BBC podcast series that features a broad range of different aspects of the nature and environmental-related field. A great deal of episodes also address and explain sustainable technologies – ranging from electric mobility over biofuels to independent energy generation. Good to take a look when you don’t have a clear idea of what you’d like to listen to.

9. Documentary: “Tomorrow

This movie will fill you with hope. It addresses the biggest and most concerning crises of our time and advocates for a fundamental change in paradigm and how our societies and economies are built. It is an optimistic movie that portrays perspectives and creative alternatives to the ‘business-as-usual’ mentality that is destroying our planet. It shows that it is not too late to opt for change, but that we have to start now. Individually, wherever you are.

10. Documentary: “Climate Change – The facts

This movie was published roughly a year ago – it is therefore a quite up to date. Climate change – the facts is an encompassing presentation of the science of climate change. The documentary also addresses the need for a radical political, societal and cultural change, making it a must-see piece in the field of sustainability.

Anna-Lena Henke