‘The Ambassador’s Roadmap to Peace for Israel & Palestine’

Students invite ambassadors of Israel & Palestina to Maastricht for discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Ambassador Lecture Series, in collaboration with the United Nations Student Association (UNSA) Maastricht and the European Law Students' Association (ELSA) Maastricht, proudly present the upcoming event with the title: ‘The Ambassador’s Roadmap to Peace for Israel & Palestine’. H.E. Haim Divon, Ambassador of Israel to the Netherlands, and H.E. Dr. Nabil Abuznaid, Head of the Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands, will engage into an insightful discussion with the audience on the past and present aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an ongoing struggle that commenced in the mid-20th century as a result of UN Resolution 181 recommending the adoption of the Partition Plan for Palestine. This instance brought about the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-49. In the aftermath of the War, Palestine was divided into three territorial units, on one of which the State of Israel was established. Jewish Israelis say their claim to this land is based on a promise from God. The Palestinian Arabs believe they are the rightful inhabitants of the land because their ancestors have lived there for hundreds of years. 

While the opinions of the international community on the matter are similarly divided, it is evident that both sides of the conflict face real grievances: Israel has a right to exist and the Palestinians have a right to a homeland. Many other countries have worked hard to balance these interests and settle the fighting between the Palestinians and Israelis, yet nothing has worked so far. Thus, the main highlight of the Ambassadors’ dialogue with students will be prospective solutions and the Ambassadors will share their vision on how they see a possible roadmap to peace.

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.

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