23 August 2018

Professors Wijnen and Drop honoured

Two professors from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (the former faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences) are being posthumously honoured through the naming of a new classroom after each of them. The Wynand Wijnen room and the Riet Drop room at Universiteitssingel 50 will be inaugurated on Thursday 23 August. Their contributions to the education of both the faculty and the university were of great value.

Prof. Wynand Wijnen

Wynand Wijnen was one of the founders of Maastricht University and introduced Problem-Based Learning. With this innovative educational method, the eighth medical faculty of the country was able to distinguish itself. His expertise as an educationalist was also very highly regarded beyond Maastricht, both nationally and internationally. In 1977, he became professor of Development and Research of Higher Education and from 1979 to 1982 he was rector magnificus of the then Rijksuniversiteit Limburg. In 1995, four years before he retired, the university introduced the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize for employees who had made an innovative contribution to university education. He remained involved in educational reforms until he passed away in 2012.

Prof. Riet Drop

Riet Drop was appointed professor of Medical Sociology at the then Rijksuniversiteit Limburg in June 1980. She was the first female full professor, but she did not really find that noteworthy. Drop was already working at the medical faculty in 1975 and helped conduct the second curriculum revision of this faculty, among other things. She also performed various administrative duties within the university (faculty and university council) and beyond. Her PhD supervisor, Hans Philipsen, called her a ‘model of integrity, or better yet, virtue’. Riet Drop passed away in 2002.

More detailed information about the two professors can be found on the website of the university’s Arts and Heritage Commission