Prof. Ruud Kempen appointed President of the Dutch Society of Gerontology

Last May Prof. Ruud Kempen (Department of Health Services Research) was appointed as the President of the Dutch Society of Gerontology (NVG-KNOWS).

This Society was founded in 1946. The mission of the society is to improve the quality of life and well-being of older people on individual, social and national level by stimulating education and research in gerontology nationwide.

As gerontology is multi-disciplinary in essence the society is considered as a forum for gerontological research and teaching and strongly encourages the exchange between science and practice.

The main activities to achieve its goals are the biennial National Congress on Gerontology, the yearly National Geriatric Days, the initiation of several awards for outstanding young gerontological researchers and the foundation of scientific chairs at universities.

In addition, the society organises recurrent workshops and the Annual Prof. D.L. Knook Lecture.

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