Postdoc Michelle Moerel on TV-show 'Het Klokhuis'

Michelle Moerel from MaCSBio has been on the most famous educational tv-show for kids in The Netherlands ( Het Klokhuis ) to explain how the human brain works. The human brain consists of billions of neurons that together govern your actions, thoughts, and emotions. How does this work? This episode of Klokhuis, Host Nienke visits Maastricht University and talks to neuroscientists including MaCSBio's Michelle Moerel.

Het Klokhuis

The show started in 1988. It is broadcast every weekday at 18:25 on Nederland 3 and lasts about 15 minutes. The subjects vary wildly, but often use an angle that is uncommon in other shows, which also makes it popular with adults. Quite often, factories are visited, where a complete production process is explained. The serious parts are interspersed with sketches, which sometimes have aspects that only adults would understand, whilst still remaining funny for children. After 25 years, almost everybody in the Netherlands knows the show and a generation grew up with it. It has become a so-called institution, which not many tv-programs have achieved