28 June 2016
Skin cancer can also be treated using anti-inflammatory ointment

New non-invasive treatment of basal cell carcinomas

Certain types of basal cell carcinoma can be treated using anti-inflammatory ointment instead of surgical intervention. Extensive analysis of the entire DNA of basal cell carcinomas by researchers at Maastricht UMC+ has shown that in addition to the known genetic changes, so-called epigenetic changes play a major part in the development of skin cancer. These epigenetic changes activate an inflammatory reaction in the tumour cells. Using anti-inflammatory ointment to halt this mechanism provides good treatment results. Tjinta Brinkhuizen, specialist registrar in dermatology at Maastricht UMC+, presented her doctoral thesis on 24 June 2016 concerning research into epigenetic changes and new treatments for basal cell carcinomas.