MCEL Member Sarah Schoenmaekers publishes the book "European Union Economic Law and Culture: Towards a European Culturally Corrected Market Economy"

This topical book provides fresh insight into the ways culture interconnects with and is treated by EU economic law and policy. Contributing authors pose key questions pertaining to the nature, scope and extent of the competence of the EU and its member states in the field of culture.

Incisive in nature, this book brings together esteemed academics and practitioners to advance understanding of the Union as a cultural market economy and effectively surveys the ways in which the EU has been able to pursue cultural policy aims within the context of its internal market and external trade policies. European Union Economic Law and Culture shows that there is still ample room for improvement when it comes to balancing economic and cultural concerns in EU law and policy-making, underscoring the need for measures and strategies aimed at ‘cultural correction’.

More information on the book can be found here.

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