Master's Open Day: "Easy route to information"

Nearly 1300 prospective master's students visited Saturday’s spring edition of the Master Open Day to explore our programmes and problem-based learning approach. The atmosphere during the event, held under a mostly sunny sky, was friendly and relaxed. 

Of the 1289 attendees, 1175 had pre-registered, with the rest registering upon arrival. Although the numbers were slightly below last year's spring turnout, they marked a slight increase from two years ago.

Attendance may have been slightly affected by recent news reports on housing challenges in Dutch student cities and the ongoing political debate about the influx of international students. 

Visitor response

Feedback from the Master’s Open Day was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees praising both the informational sessions and the informal interactions with students and staff. 

Out of around 250 visitors who took the time to complete a brief survey, the vast majority rated their experience as 'useful' to 'very useful', with only 1% indicating they would have preferred not to attend. 

A big thumbs up

Participants specifically appreciated the 'friendliness and approachability of the staff and student ambassadors', the 'seamless organisation' of the event, and even the 'quality of the vegan cake'. 

One attendee described the Open Day as offering "An easy route to information." Another highlighted the blend of useful presentations with the opportunity for personal interactions as a key to an enjoyable experience: 

"The presentation was very useful and gave a great overview. It was a nice extra that you got the chance to mingle more with current students and speak to some of the staff, and look through some of the course books. Even though I am not a current student of University Maastricht, I felt very welcomed by students and staff."


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