19 July 2018

Master Thesis Award for Systems Biology graduate

The graduation ceremony took place at the Aula Minderbroedersberg. During the ceremony, the students were praised by their thesis supervisors for their academic expertise, motivation, persistence, and the desire to keep learning.​

Graduate Jose Bonet Giner received this award for his research on the improvement of Tumor Phylogenetic Models: An ILP Approach. In his research he propose a new mathematical model based on an Integer Linear Programming approach that does not follow the perfect phylogeny assumption and that takes into account Copy Number Alterations instead. This model might be able to give new insights into the progression of the tumor and about the type of mutations occurring along the evolution.

The award is defined as honoring the best thesis from the academic year based on:

  • Scope and significance of the work
  • Representativeness of Systems Biology research
  • Clarity of writing and organizational style
  • Quality of the defense