MaCSBio’s Shauna O’Donovan wins poster session byteMAL Conference

PhD-candidate Shauna O’Donovan has won a prize for best poster at the byteMAL Conference held on March 9th in Maastricht. Her poster subject was on improving the muscle insulin sensitivity index using the oral glucose minimal model.

O’Donovan is currently working at the Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology (MaCSBio). The primary aim of MaCSBio is to facilitate the integration of relevant biological data coming from different empirical domains using mathematical multi-scale modelling approaches. This will take shape in two research lines, which will be established within the centre. The focus of the research lines will be on developing and applying systems biology approaches for: 

  • Personalized prevention of chronic diseases in the ‘obese system’ and
  • Modelling experience and disease-induced modifications in neural and genetic networks


Shauna O'Donovan