19 February 2019

ICT care solutions for patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease

As part of the European consortium behind the ICT4Life project, Dr. Stelios Asteriadis and his group developed personalized care solutions for patients with neurodegenerative disorders.

The algorithms for detecting abnormal behaviour at work in real-life hospital situations. For privacy reasons, the patients and caregivers in the video are shown as stick figures.

ICT4Life platform in support of Alzheimer's disease

ICT4Life’s care solutions, which included other tools such as a social platform, were already tested in Hungary, Spain and France. Dr. Asteriadis: “We tested the ICT4Life platform in hospitals, in daily care centres and in people’s homes. The main outcome was that the senior citizens felt much safer knowing they had all these ICT tools protecting them. We also noticed that there was less need for hospitalization, although to be sure, we need to measure this over a longer period of time. We hope that the propositions we validated through ICT4life will continue. We have already reached out to potential customers and interested parties in order to continue this work.”

ICT4Life was funded by a Horizon 2020 research grant from the European Union.