How to promote your research?

Would you like to generate impact for your research outside the university world? Reach a wider audience that includes changemakers such as politicians and policymakers? Build interest from funding organisations that might finance your future research? And above all, contribute to a society in which science is better understood?

To help you boost your impact, we created a How to promote your research portal in order to improve the visibility of your research. Have a look at the How to guides, learning opportunities and personalised support from our research communication advisor. 

The resources are available for both junior- and senior-level academics: 

Step 1: Prepare
Making it easier for others to find your research is the first step towards boosting its impact.

Step 2: Create
Create engaging content using our "How to" guides.

Step 3: Improve
Learn more about maximising your impact with our learning resources.

Take the first step and schedule an introductory meeting with the research communication advisor
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