'Groene Ster Spring Festival': a social-green initiative

The Vliegenpark, a park in Maastricht North-West that is not more than a large green field. How could the green become more social?

The workgroup ‘Socialgreen’ of ‘Universiteit met de buurt’ investigates, together with residents of Maastricht North-West, how the green in their neighbourhood could become a meeting place for people and for people and nature.

One the results is the ‘Groene Ster Spring Festival’ which took place on 24 March in the Vliegenpark and offered outdoor activities for local residents. Maastricht singer Frans Theunisz and city philosopher Govert Derix opened the festival. Even a song was composed for this event, the music video was made by Bram Bakermans, medical student at Maastricht University. De Limburger wrote an article about the festival.

The project ‘Universiteit met de buurt’ was founded by Klasien Horstman (research line Inequity, Participation and Globalisation) in Maastricht North-West. Maastricht University/CAPHRI and the neighbourhoods in Maastricht North West learn together about themes that touch on health, vitality and participation. Together they work on healthy and resilient neighborhoods.

Public accountibility in citizen initiatives is an important research theme within IPG. In the past year, the University of Maastricht, the municipality of Peel and Maas, Synthesis and the VKKL - with support from the Province of Limburg - have conducted research into the experiences of residents' initiatives in Limburg. This resulted in a manifesto that was offered during a symposium on March to the to the deputy (Social Agenda) of the Province Limburg, Hans Teunissen, who promised this subject to be discussed during the next Provincial Executives meeting.

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