5 January 2018

European project ENLEB approved

The transnational Interreg VA program of Flanders-Netherlands has approved the ENLEB project. In ENLEB, Flemish and Dutch partners work together on the development of an integrated concept for making residential private homes more sustainable on the basis of co-creation, with the focus on self-sufficiency, so that homes remain energy-neutral even if the residents’ energy profile changes.

ICIS - Research - Interreg

Together, the partners will realise various demo houses with innovative techniques that a private citizen could also apply in his own home. Through co-creation we work with companies and citizens to create awareness and ownership and to come up with technical solutions based on the innovative strength of the companies. Furthermore, an ENLEB menu is being developed that citizens can use to make their homes more sustainable. The menu highlights both technical and financial aspects and wants to unburden the resident.