Centre for Entrepreneurship (re)launch

Over the past month the School of Business and Economics has posted a number of inspirational stories about students and staff which have embarked in the wonderfull world of entrepreneurship. To help even more students and staff Maastricht University has (re)launched the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In this blog the Centre for Entrepreneurship share their new developments and explain how they aim to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at Maastricht University! 

Bringing an even greater entrepreneurial spirit to Maastricht University

Centre for Entrepreneurship

Over the past year we worked hard to create a shared Maastricht University wide entrepreneurial education program which will start in the new academic year, we launched programs with MKB Limburg and the municipality of Maastricht to help regional SMEs during the Covid-19 crisis and are partners in (eu)regional projects around the topics of female entrepreneurship and family business innovation. 

For the academic year 2020-2021 our ambitions remain sky high evidenced by launching our extracurricular pre-incubation programs, finding a permant physical spot to host start-ups in Maastricht, expanding the programs aiming at increase the innovative capacities of regional SMEs and offering high quality university-wide entrepreneurship education. 

Entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship SBE

Gain entrepreneurial knowledge and experience at UM

As the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation we offer a variety of courses related to the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation across the university. These courses cover a wide variety of different subtopics and they aim to familiarize students with concepts within the realm of entrepreneurship research and theory next to practical cases and projects.

Courses 2020 / 2021

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (School of Business and Economics)
  • Female Entrepreneurship (School of Business and Economics)
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (School of Business and Economics)
  • Commercializing Science and Technology (Maastricht Science Program)
  • Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship (School of Business and Economics / University College Maastricht)
  • Creativity and Concept Development (School of Business and Economics / University College Venlo)
  • Tech Entrepreneurship (School of Business and Economics)

The aim of these courses is to familiarize students with concepts within the realm of entrepreneurship research and theory next to building entrepreneurial experience making use of practical cases and projects. For registration and further course descriptions please click on the respective courses to find out more and see which registration options are available. We will be expanding these courses over the coming years aiming for an interdisciplinary student population in each of these courses.

Entrepreneurship minor

The courses of the Entrepreneurship Minor draw on the scholarly and practical entrepreneurship literature. They do not expect that you have already developed an understanding of the functional domains of business administration or small business management (e.g. strategy, marketing, accounting, HRM, finance, operations)

Curious about the extracurricular pre-incubation programs or other developments? Please visit our website for the latest news and more information about our programs! 


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