Burden of disease instrument for COPD puts patients and doctors in control of treatment

A study by Maastricht University has revealed that the quality of life and perceived quality of care for COPD patients will improve if the treatment incorporates the use of the COPD burden of disease instrument. The results of the study were recently published in the British Medical Journal Open.

Every six months, the doctor and the patient complete a questionnaire. The answers are processed by software that produces a graph with balloons. The graph shows at a glance in which areas the patient has made progress and which aspects require more attention from the doctor and the patient, putting both more in control of the treatment.

It appears from the scientific study that 22% of 148 patients who were treated without the use of a disease burden meter witnessed clinically significant improvement in quality of life after 18 months, compared with 34% of 146 COPD patients whose treatment did involve the use of the burden of disease instrument. The latter group also reported a significant improvement in perceived quality of care.

Based in part on the results of this study, the Dutch Lung Alliance (LAN) – a federation of all care providers in the field of COPD (e.g. lung specialists, GPs, nurses and physiotherapists) – decided to implement the burden of disease instrument on a large scale.

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On 9 November 2016 a symposium will be held in Maastricht on the burden COPD instrument, featuring various speakers who will share their views on this new development, including minister Schippers and professor Ab Klink.

You can sign up for this symposium until October 26 2016 via /nijdeken@longalliantie.nl.

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