Pre-Academic Training


Another way to study and live, another language, another country, and another life. That is what is in store for you when you start your bachelor’s or master’s programme at Maastricht University (UM). Are you looking forward to this? Of course! Is it exciting? That too! That is why the university will be offering Pre-Academic Training from 1 to 24 August 2017. This comprehensive training programme will allow you to start your academic life in Maastricht with the best possible preparations.

Why attend this training programme?

  • It will give you a smooth integration in your new environment, so that you can completely focus on your studies.
  • You will develop the required skills to be successful in your bachelor’s or master’s programme at UM.
  • You will get assistance with practicalities such as getting to know the city, arranging a residence permit, registering at Maastricht municipality, opening a bank account and getting a phone.
  • You will be able to build a social network of peers from the first minute you arrive in Maastricht and you will get guidance from a buddy.

 Please note: registration is closed

The programme

The course will help you with practical, academic and cultural/social matters:


Airport pick-up, housing, opening a Dutch bank account, insurance, residence permit, city hall registration, getting to know Maastricht.

Airport Pick-up Service
For students that arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Brussels Zaventem Airport, UM will provide a pick-up service.


Content: you will study, discuss and critique academic sources in an intercultural group setting. You will get informal assessments and feedback during individual and group presentations, and you’ll learn more about group assignments, in-group behaviour and participation. Themes you will study will also include: Dutch and European culture, European contemporary history and European integration, culture comparison models and criticism thereof.

Study skills: you will acquire speed-reading and note-taking skills, learn how you can paraphrase and summarise whilst avoiding plagiarism, practice presentation skills, and you’ll acquire Problem-Based Learning-related skills.

English language skills: you will learn to write and speak in a structured manner, and, for master’s students, there will be a focus on presentations as well.

  Master’s students will attend additional sessions that focus on:
Listening skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, research skills/searching for literature, academic writing, time and stress management, team and project management, problem-solving skills, decision-making, leadership and teamwork.

Video: a day in the life of a UM student

The Pre-Academic Training takes place from 1 until 24 August 2017. You’ll be provided with a complete overview of the programme after you’ve signed up.

Cultural & Social

You will have the opportunity to participate in several cultural and social events, such as a barbecue, a boat tour, historical city tour, sports day, movie night and dinner.


If you do not have a room or a studio in Maastricht on August 1st, you have two options:

  • You can stay at the UM Guesthouse for the duration of the Pre-Academic Training and find your own place to live after PAT ends.
  • You can stay at the UM Guesthouse during the Pre-Academic Training as well as for the rest of the academic year 2017-2018 (11 or 12 months in total).

You will receive detailed information about the different housing options available to you, their costs and how you can register for them after you have signed up for PAT.

Registration and costs

 Registration is closed
The course has a maximum capacity of 125 participants. The programme costs 575 euros for bachelor’s students and 825 euros for master’s students.   Please note that these prices do not include housing. You can download a comprehensive step-by-step instruction on ‘How to apply’ here   .

Please also take the time to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the Pre-Academic Training  before you sign up.