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BA indicates that the course is meant for students who are about to start a Bachelor’s programme at Maastricht University.
MA shows the courses targeted at students about to start a Master’s programme at Maastricht University.

Introduction to Academia (BA)

The course will focus on the academic skills needed to discuss European oriented themes. You will practice PBL across academic disciplines by studying relevant literature, giving short presentations and discussing problems with your fellow students. This will enable you to enhance your presentation, time management, and group discussion skills. You will also be challenged to produce a final group assignment within a limited time span and take a critical look at the information provided throughout this course.

This course is meant for (international) students who want to start their Bachelor’s programme with a solid foundation of group work, discussions of academic topics, and PBL-focused academic skills.

English Skills (BA)

The course will focus on communication via group work, debates, and presentations while engaging with digital technologies via, among others, an online English for Academic Purposes resource, which can be accessed in your free time. Further, it will reflect on how technology effects our lives both as a student and personally. Additionally, it links in with academic studies by delving into ways and means of providing high quality and unbiased feedback as well as providing you with the essential terminology to deliver this feedback.

This engaging course will assist you in becoming more confident and competent in communicating with your peers and academic staff and will ensure that you hit the ground running at the beginning of the first semester of your Bachelor’s programme.

Mathematics (BA)

In this course we will refresh your knowledge of mathematics to increase your chances of succeeding in your studies at UM. We will use an online tool that provides exercises that you will complete individually and we will have daily group meetings to go over the results and discuss difficulties. In addition, this course is taught in English giving you the opportunity to “translate” your existing mathematics knowledge if necessary. The online tool will remain available to you after the PAT programme allowing further opportunities to practice.

This preparatory course is recommended for enrolling students who completed an ‘intermediate maths’ programme in high school (Grundkurs, Wiskunde A, ASO 4 hours, IB Math SL, etc.). These students could, depending on their chosen UM programme, experience more difficulties in successfully completing the first year of their Bachelor’s programme than students who have already completed an ‘advanced maths’ programme.

This course is not primarily intended for students enrolling in Bachelor’s programmes without any mathematics requirements nor for students signed up for sciences programmes with higher-level maths requirements.

Please note that this short preparatory mathematics course does NOT play any role in the admission process; it cannot be used as a replacement of entry requirements.

Introduction to Maastricht (BA & MA)

Everyone participating in PAT will get, on top of the practical and social components of the programme, an introduction lecture to Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Dutch culture.

Advanced Study Skills (MA)

This course will focus on the skills that enable you to study and learn efficiently. You will develop your own personal approach to study and learning in a way that meets your own individual needs and as you progress with your study skills you will discover what works for you, and what doesn’t. You will gain knowledge about methods to achieve personal study results and put them in practice, setting up personal study goals, planning and executing your personal study plan as well as evaluating and improving it. The lectures and the learning labs where you will actively contribute with content and presentations will help you get from levels of awareness to educational excellence and personal success by developing skills related to communication, collaboration and confidence. The course is developed on the pillars of literature and know-how provided by students in a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

English Skills (MA) – Academic Writing and Oral Presentations

The English Skills course is designed to develop and further two essential components of your Master's programme at Maastricht University: Academic Writing and Oral Presentation, including an introduction to the Art of Debate. The course will focus on the development and improvement of the following:

  • academic writing skills
  • communication skills via group work and class discussions in an international classroom environment using PBL methods
  • oral presentation skills

Additionally, digital technologies including Epigeum, an online programme designed to support university students in the effective use of English for Academic Studies, will be made available to be accessed in your free time. This course also includes guided practice and essential terminology for delivering and receiving feedback. The English Skills course will assist you in becoming more confident and competent in the advancement of your academic writing and oral presentation skills necessary in pursuit of your Master's degree.

Dutch Language Course (MA)

Are you starting your studies at Maastricht University but don’t speak Dutch yet? Knowledge of the local language will always help you to understand the native culture and to quickly feel more at home. While studying and living in the Netherlands, some knowledge of Dutch will be useful. Integrate yourself into Dutch life and culture!

In two weeks, you will learn basic Dutch with a focus on speaking and listening skills. You will follow two-hour group lessons. Our Dutch course combines practical language training with self-study. Themes that will be dealt with include introducing yourself, ask for and provide personal details, get around in shops and restaurants, talk about daily activities and talk about family or hobbies.

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  • English Skills (MA) – Academic Writing and Oral Presentations

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