Pre Academic Training

Pre-Academic Training

Congratulations, you have made the excellent decision to study at Maastricht University (UM). Here you will get to experience a brand new way of learning and studying, not to mention living and speaking. Immersing yourself in new experiences can be the most exciting aspect of moving to a new city, however, we also know that at the beginning this might be a little daunting. This is exactly why we have created a Pre-Academic Training (PAT) programme for scholarship students. This comprehensive training programme ensures you will have a smooth transition into your academic career in Maastricht.

Programme information

All students who have a scholarship in which the PAT is a mandatory part will take the following courses: Advanced Study Skills and English Skills - Academic Writing and Oral Presentations. In addition, you will learn more about the academic culture in the Netherlands and at Maastricht University in particular. 

We will start the programme with a short welcome to get to know each other, followed by an information meeting. During the programme, you will also have the opportunity to attend a meet and greet session with various departments of the Student Services Centre. 

The dates of the 2023 edition of the programme will be announced shortly.

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) has been at the heart of Maastricht University ever since the university was founded. It's an unique education system which offers you a different way of learning from traditional university education.

You work in small tutorial groups, engage in hands-on training and under the supervision of a tutor, you team up with ten to fifteen students to tackle real-life challenges. PBL is an active way of learning that gives you better retention of knowledge, enhances your motivation and encourages you to develop skills that are essential for the labour market in the 21st century. 

During the Pre-Academic Training you will learn skills that will stand you in good stead later; like teamwork, critical thinking, public speaking skills and Complex problem solving. 

Advanced Study Skills

This course will focus on the skills that enable you to study and learn efficiently. You will develop your own personal approach to study and learning in a way that meets your own individual needs and as you progress with your study skills you will discover what works for you, and what doesn’t. You will gain knowledge about methods to achieve personal study results and put them in practice, setting up personal study goals, planning and executing your personal study plan as well as evaluating and improving it. The lectures and the learning labs where you will actively contribute with content and presentations will help you get from levels of awareness to educational excellence and personal success by developing skills related to communication, collaboration and confidence. The course is developed on the pillars of literature and know-how provided by students in a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

English Skills – Academic Writing and Oral Presentations

The English Skills course is designed to develop and further two essential components of your education programme at Maastricht University: Academic Writing and Oral Presentation, including an introduction to the Art of Debate. The course will focus on the development and improvement of the following:

  • academic writing skills
  • communication skills via group work and class discussions in an international classroom environment using PBL methods
  • oral presentation skills

Additionally, digital technologies including Epigeum, an online programme designed to support university students in the effective use of English for Academic Studies, will be made available to be accessed in your free time. This course also includes guided practice and essential terminology for delivering and receiving feedback. The English Skills course will assist you in becoming more confident and competent in the advancement of your academic writing and oral presentation skills necessary in pursuit of your degree.