Maria Vivas Romero (M.V.R.)

 Maria is currently working at Maastricht University's Library. As a Data Specialists she works on ways to make the university a knowledge center where data becomes find-able, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable. She specifically works with the implementation of Open Science Principles at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The quest is to democratize all types of knowledge through the FAIR and Open Science principles, and to make FAIR more than just a perspective for the Life-Sciences.

Maria is also the Secretary for the REI Platform. Through her work there she monitors awareness in research ethics and integrity through events and communication releases. She also helps in the planning of education activities. Lastly, she has also been involved on the planning, communication and logistics of the biggest and first National Survey for Research Ethics and Integrity.

Before joining the University Library, she was a researcher and obtained her PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Liege. Her research focused on family and gendered care in migratory contexts. She has also lectured at various universities on the topics of migration, care and social policy development.