Dr Ir Michiel Adriaens, Ph.D. (M.E.)

Michiel Adriaens is an Assistant Professor at the Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology. Trained as a bioinformatician, he is specialized in multi-omics studies in human nutrition and cardiometabolic diseases. In his work, he combines data-driven (AI) and knowledge-driven modeling approaches to unravel the molecular complexities of biological processes. 


His primary focus is on developing personalized metabolic models of the heart to predict and understand metabolic impairments in cardiomyopathy patients. These impairments can exhaust the heart, leading to severe complications. His goal is to develop the systems biology tools to detect these metabolic problems early and provide targets for prevention and patient-specific recovery. 


In the field of precision nutrition, he has contributed to the development of computational methods that facilitate the creation of targeted interventions and the study of their impacts. In the PERSON study, these interventions were designed to address tissue-specific insulin resistance in overweight or obese adults. His involvement in the recent PRECINUT study extends this work, using machine learning to tailor dietary recommendations, monitored through wearables and food diaries in apps.


His ambition is to leverage his expertise and innovative tools in digital twinning applications, to revolutionize the understanding and management of complex health conditions.