Matthew Archer (M.B.)

I am an interdisciplinary environmental social scientist interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability, especially in the context of global supply chain governance. Most recently, this has involved research on metal and mineral supply chains, with a focus on traceability and digitization, building on my previous work studying sustainability standards as a technology of governance in global agricultural supply chains, ESG integration in investment practices, and the way corporate sustainability managers think about their impacts. My book, Unsustainable: Measurement, Reporting, and the Limits of Corporate Sustainability, was published by NYU Press in February 2024, and I have published in journals like Surveillance and Society, Critique of Anthropology, Political Geography, Internet Policy Review, and Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space.


Prior to working at UM, I taught at the University of York (UK) and Copenhagen Business School. I have a PhD in environmental studies from Yale University, an MSc in environmental economics from the LSE, and BAs in international studies and Chinese from the University of Mississippi. I am co-editor-in-chief of Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environmentwhich is the journal of the American Anthropological Association's Culture and Agriculture section.