M. Garcia-Salmones Rovira

I am Assistant professor in Foundations of Law. I wrote my LLD in international law at the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights, (Helsinki University).


My working method emphasises the history of science and economics in its relation to international legal theory, international law and philosophy of law, e.g. the bias of positivist legal theory in international law towards an economic conception of law during the 20th century and the substantive principles that structure contemporary global legal order.

A short blog entry about my latest book, The Necessity of Nature. God, Science and Money in 17th Law of Nature (CUP, 2023) can be found here:

Back to the Basics: The Necessity of Nature (cambridgeblog.org)


My main research and teaching interests are in international legal theory, international law and the history of international law, including theories of the global common good, and theories of rights and virtues. In terms of foundations of law, I try to understand the uniqueness of human reason in grasping what is right.