Madalena Barreto Torres de Mendonca Narciso (M.)

Madalena Narciso got her Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Lisbon (Portugal) in 2015 (cum laude). During her studies in Lisbon, Madalena tutored Obligations Law and Property Law.

In 2017, Madalena graduated cum laude from the Research Master in Law program offered by Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and KU Leuven (Belgium). 

In September 2017, Madalena started working at Maastricht University as a PhD researcher and lecturer, under the supervision of Prof. Dr Jan Smits and Prof. Dr Gijs van Dijck. Her doctoral research focuses on the reform of the information paradigm in European consumer contract law, particularly by looking at alternative sources of consumer information in the digital economy, such as online review mechanisms.

Madalena is a member of the Maastricht European Private Law Institute and an editor for several legal journals.