Lignin based dynamic and circular thermosets


With the global focus increasingly shifting away from non-renewable resources, substitutes using renewable resources must be developed.

In this project, lignin extracted from one of the largest sources of renewable carbon, lignocellulosic biomass, will be incorporated into covalent adaptable networks (CAN) to be used as coatings or adhesives. The special feature of the lignin used here is its extraction by Reductive Catalytic Fractionation (RCF), which results in a comparatively low viscosity, simplifying downstream functionalization research and minimizing the use of solvents.

The produced CANs should include thermoreversible properties, making them suitable for heat-induced self-healing and recycling.

These formaledhyde-free, thermoreversible thermosets should be a viable, bio-based alternative to the existing phenolic systems, being particularly attractive due to the possibility of reprocessing, reshaping and recycling.