Karen Schelleman - Offermans (K.)

Dr. Schelleman-Offermans is an assistant professor of Applied Social Psychology and has expert knowledge on the etiology of risk behaviors during adolescence. She is also involved in several research projects such as the 3WE (Work, Well-being and Women in Ethiopia) project and the Future Positive project in which a micro-intervention was developed to increase health behaviors of employees with a low socio-economic position (SEP). Her research interests include research into explaining the (psychological) processes underlying health inequalities between people with a low and higher SEP, with a specific focus on these processes during adolescence. In her research she uses an ecological approach and tries to gain insight into why growing up or living in different environments (e.g., less or more affluent areas or families) can cause different behavioral patterns and/or health outcomes; what are the psychological mechanisms explaining these differences in health?