4 Dec 2019

Roundtable Copyright in the Digital Single Market

On Wednesday 4 December at 9am, we organize a roundtable on the “Copyright in the Digital Single Market”. This is a unique initiative within the context of the Jean Monnet Intellectual Property in the Digital Single Market Course. It is open to all university students, staff and the general public.

The objective is to foster discussion on a societally relevant and controversial topic, namely how digital works can and should be protected through copyright. We aim at generating ideas, filtering out the best and discussing ways to implement them.

The format of the roundtable is informal, taking the shape of a debate where participants come together to reach a solution, in a dialogue with each other and the audience. Our panelists consist of 4 bachelor students (3rd year) from the course Intellectual Property and the Digital Single Market, Dr. Stef van Gompel and Camille Auvret. Prof. Kamperman Sanders will be chairing the roundtable. Please join us in the Law Faculty, room B1.1113 (Feestzaal).

Profile of the speakers


Stef van Gompel is associate professor at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) and director of the Glushko & Samuelson Information Law and Policy Lab. In 2011 he received his doctorate from the University of Amsterdam. He is specialized in intellectual property law and, in particular, in national and international copyright law, on which he has written various publications.

Camille Auvret has been working as Policy & Legal Officer in the Copyright Unit at the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission for 3.5 years. In this role, she worked on the negotiation of the recently adopted Copyright Directives, on the implementation of the Marrakesh Directive and copyright trade-related aspects.  Prior to this, Ms Auvret worked for 1.5 years as an IP/IT qualified attorney in the French law firm De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés and trained, as part of her studies, in the Directorate-General for Trade of the European Commission, the French Secretariat of General Affairs as well as in different law firms and companies. Ms Auvret holds a Master degree in Intellectual Property from the University of Strasbourg-CEIPI (2011) and a Bachelor for Business Administration from HEC Montreal (2010).


Ines Garreau is a third-year honors European Law student at Maastricht University. She has been interested in intellectual property and specifically copyright law since tackling the issue of the ownership of graffiti art, such as with Banksy or Basquiat. She is currently writing her thesis on how AI can infringe copyright under EU law.

Ashley Haberland is 22 years old, 3rd year European Law School student at Maastricht University. As part of her bachelors, she is now enrolled in the of Jean Monnet Intellectual Property in the Digital Single Market Course, which provided for her the opportunity to sit at this roundtable. She is half German and half American. She was born in New York, grew up in the Cayman Islands, lived in Dublin for a few years, and before settling in Maastricht to pursue her tertiary degree, she moved to Germany where she completed she high school.

Ora Buch Kornreich is a third year European Law student from Belgium with a strong interest in intellectual property, and copyright specifically. She is currently writing her bachelor's thesis on the defences applicable to user-generated content in several jurisidictions.

Jalmari Männistö is a Maastricht University student, originally from Finland. He is in his 20s and has a keen interest in law and tech. He has been an avid follower of the development of intellectual property rights schemes in social and creative media.


Anselm Kamperman Sanders (1968) is Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Director of the advanced masters Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (IPKM LLM/MSc), and Academic Director of the Institute for Globalization and International Regulation (IGIR) at Maastricht University.