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M-EPLI Talks

M-EPLI Talks offer a forum to share academic work and ideas. These meetings take place twice a month during the academic year at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University. Guest speakers are invited to:

  • Present work in progress, including papers and PhD dissertations.
  • Present academic projects to M-EPLI Fellows, including book or conference projects.
  • Critically comment on recent developments in the law, either at national or European levels, including changes in legislation, doctrine, and case law that might trigger future work in progress.

M-EPLI Talks 2023/2024

The planned talks for 2024 will be announced soon.

Past seminars

  • Vageesh Saxena: CyberCrime-Linker: Analyzing Behavorial Patterns to Link and Identify Vendors in Online Criminal Spaces.
  • Francesco Zappatore (University of Foggia): ‘Private Law, Public Goals: Comparative Reflections on Punitive Damages.

  • Wen-Ting Yang: 

    Data-driven Nudges in Investment Apps ― An Opportunity to Develop a Healthy and Sustainable Financial Environment Amidst the Retail Investment Boom.

  • Benedikt Schmitz (University of Groningen): At the Intersection of Conflicts Law and Consumer Law: 'MS May'-Exceptions in the Light of Article 6 Rome I Regulation.

  • Antoine Louis: People and the Law with Language Models.

  • Eline Couperus: The Role of the Fundamental Freedom to Conduct a Business in a “Social” Europe.

  • Klaas Eller: Urban transnational law: Infrastructure and Social Order in the City. 
    This talk was co-organized with Glaw-Net.

  • Valerio D’Alessandro (University of Rome Tor Vergata): Private Law in the Time of Personalization: Toward a New Imaginary of the Legal Subject?

  • Paweł Hajduk (Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie): “Five years later, or a brief tale of hurdles of the private enforcement of the GDPR”

  • Jie Ouyang (Groningen): ''Embedded consumer': Towards a constitutional reframing of the legal image of consumers''

  • Rachael Walsh: 'Deliberative Property: Managing Complexity in Property Systems' 

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