08 May

M-EPLI Talks

M-EPLI Talks offer a forum to share academic work and ideas. These meetings take place twice a month during the academic year at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University. Guest speakers are invited to:

  • Present work in progress, including papers and PhD dissertations.
  • Present academic projects to M-EPLI Fellows, including book or conference projects.
  • Critically comment on recent developments in the law, either at national or European levels, including changes in legislation, doctrine, and case law that might trigger future work in progress.

M-EPLI Talks 2024

8 May 2024, 11:00 - 12:00Melvin Tjon AkonValuing ‘Value for money’: the wins and fails of the product governance approach to regulating consumer credit prices

Past seminars

  • Vageesh Saxena: CyberCrime-Linker: Analyzing Behavorial Patterns to Link and Identify Vendors in Online Criminal Spaces.
  • Francesco Zappatore (University of Foggia): ‘Private Law, Public Goals: Comparative Reflections on Punitive Damages.
  • Wen-Ting Yang: 

    Data-driven Nudges in Investment Apps ― An Opportunity to Develop a Healthy and Sustainable Financial Environment Amidst the Retail Investment Boom.

  • Benedikt Schmitz (University of Groningen): At the Intersection of Conflicts Law and Consumer Law: 'MS May'-Exceptions in the Light of Article 6 Rome I Regulation.
  • Antoine Louis: People and the Law with Language Models.
  • Eline Couperus: The Role of the Fundamental Freedom to Conduct a Business in a “Social” Europe.
  • Klaas Eller: Urban transnational law: Infrastructure and Social Order in the City. 
    This talk was co-organized with Glaw-Net.
  • Valerio D’Alessandro (University of Rome Tor Vergata): Private Law in the Time of Personalization: Toward a New Imaginary of the Legal Subject?
  • Paweł Hajduk (Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie): “Five years later, or a brief tale of hurdles of the private enforcement of the GDPR”
  • Jie Ouyang (Groningen): ''Embedded consumer': Towards a constitutional reframing of the legal image of consumers''
  • Rachael Walsh: 'Deliberative Property: Managing Complexity in Property Systems' 
  • Vanessa Mak: Who is the Consumer? The Transformation of Consumer Law and Policy in the EU in Light of the Twin Challenges of Digitalisation and Sustainability.
  • Eva Vermeulen: ''Dimensions of Inequality and Property Law Design – a capability 
    perspective on Dutch housing''
  • Giovanni Tuzet: This talk is organised in conjunction with the Foundations group.
  • Lorna Fox O'Mahony: The Future of Housing: Resilient Property Theory, Systemic Methodology and Sustainable Solutions

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    14:00 - 15:30

    Globalization & Law Network Seminar Series 2023 - 2024

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    IGIR research lunch seminar, Transfer of technology from an international law and governance perspective, by Felipe de Andrade

    In the context of the IGIR institute, we proudly present Felipe de Andrade's discussion of his PhD research that he carries out at University of Antwerp.  On 27 May2024, between 13.00h and 14.00h in room B 0.013 in Faculty of Law, he will discuss about Transfer of technology: reflecting on contested...

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    14:00 - 15:30

    MCEL Seminars

    The activities of the centre include regular organisation of academic conferences and workshops, as well as monthly research seminars to which high-level speakers are invited to discuss a specific topic in the field of EU law.