06 May
19:30 - 23:00

Lumière x MYA: Eternal You + Paneldiscussion

On Monday, 6 May, from 19.30 hrs, we are organising an additional screening for our Lumière x MYA series! We will screen “Eternal You”, a 2024 documentary exploring the relationship between AI, immortality, and mourning. 

After the screening of Eternal You - a documentary about the world of startups trying to bring the dead back to 'life' by creating avatars of deceased people with AI - there will be a panel discussion, led by Dr Katleen Gabriels, moral philosopher and a philosopher of technology, specialised in computer and machine ethics.

About Eternal You

If you had the opportunity to talk to a deceased loved one, would you take it? Eternal You delves into the world of start-ups that try to bring the dead back to ‘life’ by creating avatars of the deceased with AI.

The urgent and extremely topical documentary ETERNAL YOU explores the age-old, deep-seated human desire for immortality and asks important questions about making this dream a commercial reality. What effect does bringing loved ones to life via artificial intelligence (AI) have? Can we still distinguish real from fake – and is that a bad thing? Is this a technological miracle, or should we be concerned about the human toll this technology may take?

Eternal you image

Good to know
Hans Block & Moritz Riesewieck, Germany, 2024 
87 min. 
English & Korean spoken, English subtitles

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