2324 Nov 2017

Ius Commune workshops: Trust in Trade

Different studies have shown that societies need a certain level of “trust” in order to actually engage in trading activity. However, trust is a complex, multifactorial concept. Scholars from many different disciplines (e.g. philosophers, social scientists, economists) have tried to develop theories and identify the different factors involved in building, maintaining, destroying and restoring trust. In the past, most legal scholars used the term “trust” quite loosely, but recently some legal scholars have started to examine the concept more systematically.

>> Detailed programme  

We will organize two workshops the aim of which is to clarify the meaning of the concept of trust in a legal context, specifically linking it to trade-related questions. We are also interested in developing a stronger research line on this topic, so the workshops are meant to be explorative in order to stimulate possible further cooperation. The workshop “Trust in Trade – Framing the IP, Trade and Investment Issues” will initiate a first exploration of the role of “legal institutions” in IP law and international trade and investment law to potentially compensate for low levels of trust in societies. In this workshop, it will also be discussed how trust is important to and plays a role in the context of IP and trade/investment law reform, particularly when it comes to the notions of legal certainty and effective legal protection. The workshop “Trust in Trade – PhD workshop” will give a forum for PhD students and young researchers in the areas of IP and international trade/investment law to present their research and link it to the broader concept of Trust in Trade.