21 Feb 2019

IGIR lunch seminar by Naina Khanna

Balancing the Quality of Patents with Effective Enforcement of Invalidity Claims in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe

On 21 February 2019, Mrs. Naina Khanna will discuss her research framework and preliminary findings regarding the balance between patent quality and effective enforcement of invalidity claims in the pharmaceutical industry . Feel warmly invited to join the discussion in room B 1.003, Salon.

The principle objective of Naina's PhD research under the EIPIN Innovation Society project is to study the factors that may influence the quality of pharmaceutical patent in Europe and understand its relationship (if any) with innovation. This, in turn, requires an evaluation of the legal arrangement (i.e. existing patent system) to balance the concerns of patent quality and the linked effective enforcement of invalidity claims in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. The thesis is expected to bridge the gap between the complex world of pharmaceutical patent professionals (industry, examiners, attorneys, IP specialists etc.) and the world of researchers and policy makers.

Naina will discuss the preliminary empirical evidence including the preliminary results from a case-study of a pharmaceutical CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) where she spent a month interviewing various experts.

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