1419 Mar Apr 2019

Exhibition: Math/Maastricht

The city of Maastricht has many great things to offer. From the familiar sight of the red Sint Jans church tower looming over the city, to the iconic Sint Servaas bridge over the river Maas, to… mathematics research.


Location: Exhibition space Minderbroedersberg (ground floor, right hand side)
Opening hours: Weekdays from 8.00 until 19.00
Entrance: Free


Photo chalkboard/Ralf Peeters: Joey Roberts
Photo artwork: Karin Wassenaar


‘Math/Maastricht’ is is joint project of:

  • Art and Heritage Committee (KEC)
  • Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE)
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE)
  • Department of Quantitative Economics​ (SBE)
  • School of Business and Economics (SBE)

More Math/Maastricht

Where would you go, if someone asked you to match your work with a spot in the city of Maastricht?

Math/Maastricht documents the answers of some of Maastricht University’s math-minded researchers. The resulting twelve stories form an alternative guide to the city, providing an inspiring view of Maastricht and a taste of the range of mathematics-based research at Maastricht University.