14 Mar
15:00 - 23:59

DIVERSITY DAY 2019 – Disarming Bias

The second annual Maastricht University Diversity Day will take place on 14 March at the scenic Lumière cinema. Our theme this year is Disarming Bias. We believe that the conversation on racial, gender, and heteronormative biases, to name a few, has to go beyond mere acknowledgement and move towards dealing with bias constructively. We will engage with the theme through various interactive activities.

This event consists of an afternoon and an evening session. Participants can choose which sessions they would like to attend. Registration for these sessions is mandatory. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!



14.30 - 15.15 Registration and drinks in Lumière Cinema Foyer

15.15 - 15.25 Opening (Constance Sommerey, Diversity Officer & Lies Wesseling, Director Centre for Gender and Diversity)
Location: Première Auditorium

15.25 - 16.00 Presentation of results UM Sustainable Employability Monitor with a focus on Inclusivity (Bram Fleuren, FPN)
Location: Première Auditorium

16.15 - 17.45 Workshops

Participants are invited to attend one of the four workshops listed below, which tackle the theme of the day from various angles. Registration for the workshops is mandatory.

Good Lad Initiative Seminar
Topic: Being an ally
Facilitator: Dan Guinness
Location: Première Auditorium

The Good Lad Initiative (GLI) started as an initiative to engage men and boys in becoming allies for gender equity who actively address systemic inequalities in our society. This interactive seminar will focus on how men and women can become each other's allies in promoting gender equity.

For more information on GLI, please visit their website.

Topic: Building supportive communities through storytelling
Facilitator: Tiffany Leung and Mark Kawakami
Location: The Bar

Storytelling offers opportunities for people to reflect on difficult encounters, especially those that involve explicit or implicit bias. Sharing stories and learning how to listen and engage with others are essential components of building a vibrant, supportive community. It helps to create a space for connecting people with unique perspectives and diverse experiences. In this workshop, we invite storytellers to share their experiences related to diversity and inclusivity. We will also discuss ways in which these stories can work towards disarming bias and construct a better Maastricht for all of us.

Leading a diverse group
Topic: how to activate a diverse team/group
Facilitator: Susanne Maris
Location: The Annex

Leading a diverse team brings with it a host of challenges due to the potentially radically different personalities, communication styles, and perspectives team members may bring to the table. In this workshop, we will explore and practice the means to encourage effective communication and teamwork, as well as critically reflect on our approaches so far.

White is a colour too: engaging critically with white privilege
Topic: racial literacy
Facilitator: Ulrike Müller
Location: Studio 6

As white people, we often think our lives are not affected by racial bias or racist societal structures. But is this truly the case? In this workshop, we will explore what it means to be white. In an interactive setting, we will begin to look into how racism has been affecting us structurally and individually, and how we can deal with this in a constructive way.

18.00 - 19.00 Dinner (with short speech by rector Rianne Letschert)
Location: Foyer

19.00 - 21.00 Disarming Bias on Stage - Short theatre pieces on multiple discrimination
Location: Première auditorium

Student organisations ACMUS, Dionyx, Feminists of Maastricht, and Hypatia have collaborated to script a number of subversive scenes they associate with bias in the Maastricht context.  The performances will address issues such as everyday racism and sexism, micro-agressions, as well as multiple discrimination. An interactive discussion will follow each performance.

21.00 - 00.00 Afterparty
Location: The Bar

We will close Diversity Day with a party at the bar of the Lumière. Those who register for the party are kindly asked to submit three of their favourite songs as input for our playlist - celebrating musical diversity at UM!

Additional Remarks
The Lumière is entirely wheelchair accessible.
If you have any questions about the day, please contact us on:  diversity@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Constance Sommerey, Chief Diversity Officer UM
Lies Wesseling, Director of the Centre for Gender and Diversity FASOS
Amira Fretz, Student Assistant to Diversity Officer

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