22 Jun 23 Jun
09:00 - 16:30
Sustainable & Digital Competition on the Merits:  A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspective


Digitalization and sustainability have been identified as a top priority in the EU’s Green Deal to ensure a truly competitive and sustainable digital single market. This strategy not only feeds into the competitiveness of the EU, but it will also ensure the entry and sustainability of a diverse set of market players in the internal market. This is also expected to have a positive spill-over effect to address the ever emerging geopolitical challenges.

    Different interests can be balanced and attained only in a freely functioning internal market, where firms compete on the merits, and any anti-competitive effects are addressed in a timely manner. Considering the role of innovation to facilitate a sustainable and digital future, this conference assesses the role of innovation laws, namely, IP and competition laws, to facilitate EU’s green and digital transition. In light of the multi-disciplinary nature of the debate, the issue merits discussion from a comparative and cross-disciplinary perspective. To know more and follow the latest updates, have a look at our video and follow the LinkedIn page HERE

    • Venue: Faculty of Law (Bouillonstraat 1, Maastricht)


    Programme on 22 June

    09.00h Registration & welcome coffee
    09.30h Welcome Note by Michael Faure
    09.45h Plenary Session 1: Green & Geopolitical Considerations
    • Chair: Michael Faure
    • Big Tech Regulation with Chinese Charateristics by Rogier Creemers
    • Discussant: Niels Philipsen
    • Balancing Green and Digital Transition Policies with Competition Law and Policy in the EU by Pim Jansen
    • Discussant: Sarah Schoenmaekers
    10.45h Coffee Break
    11.15h Parallel Session 2.1: Choice of Legal Instruments for a Sustainable Transition 
    • Chair: Julian Nowag
    • Sof Law or hard law to regulate competition in digital markets? A Law & Economics Perspective by Kena Zheng and Niels Philipsen
    • Discussant: Alba Ribera Martínez
    • Competition, Data and Sustainability: A Challenging Crossroad for Latin America and Chile by Juan Pablo Iglesias
    • Discussant: Gábor Hajdu
    • (Exclusive) Intellectual Property Rights and Competition through public procurement: contradictio in terminis? by Sarah Schoenmaekers
    • Discussant: Thomas Graf
    11.15 Parallel Session 2.2: Digital Impact on Competition & Distribution 
    • Chair: Maria Jose Schmidt Kessen
    • Sustainability Driven Twist for Justifying Online Selling Restraints within the Selective Distribution Systems: Unveiling  a Fresh Development after Pierre Fabre and Coty Saga by Tamta Margvelashvili
    • Discussant: Pim Jansen 
    • Towards an Improved Legal Framework for Trade Marks on the Internet by Rajeev Sachdev
    • Discussant: Intan Hamdan-Liveramento
    • Online hotel booking platforms: competition issues in light of the Digital Markets Act by Tania Pantazi
    • Discussant: Qian Li
    12.45h Lunch Break
    13.45h Plenary Session 3: Green & Digital Transition: What role for IP & Competition law?
    • Chair: Anselm Kamperman Sanders
    • Keynote by Leanne Wiseman: Unlocking Copyright to facilitate the Right to Repair in Greener Circular Economies: Reflections from Australia
    • Intellectual Property Rights in the Circular Economy by Anselm Kamperman Sanders
    • Discussant: Justine Haekens
    • Competition Law’s Sustainability Gap? Tools for Examination by Julian Nowag
    • Discussant: Niels Philipsen
    15.30h Coffee Break
    16.45h Plenary Session 4: Artificial Intelligence, IP and Competition: An Economic Perspective
    • Chair: Kalpana Tyagi
    • Keynote by Daniel Rubinfeld: The Effects of AI on Merger Control
    • The innovation ecosystem of digital technologies by Intan Hamdan- Liveramento
    • Discussant: Konrad Kollnig
    • Interoperability in IoT Ecosystems by Christof Koolen
    • Discussant: Thomas Graf
    18.30 End of day 1


    Programme on 23 June

    09.00h Parallel Session 5.1: Legal Pluralism and Computational Antitrust for Digital Transition
    • Chair: Inge Graef
    • Legal Pluralism and Digital Competition Law by Oles Andriychuk
    • Discussant: Kalpana Tyagi
    • U.S. Competition Law in Digital Markets by Rosa Baum
    • Discussant: Caroline Cauffman
    • Data, Algorithms, and competition law - defining the boundaries of competition and abuse in digital platforms by Thomas Graf
    • Discussant: Justine Haekens
    09.00h Parallel Session 5.2: Personal Data, Data Protection and Competition in the Digital Economy
    • Chair: Pim Jansen
    • Under-inclusivity, ISPs and Online Internet Governance (R)evolution? by Karolina Podstawa R
    • Discussant: Gábor Hajdu
    • Role of Trust in Digital Competition by Rebecca Lin
    • Discussant: Konrad Kollnig
    • Life - Data: A Structural Legal Approach to Cross-Border Data Flows, Intellectual Property, Trade and Privacy by Kimani Goddard
    • Discussant: Lin Xi
    09.00h Parallel Session 5.3: Green & Digital Transition – Sustainability Considerations
    • Chair: Niels Philipsen
    • Sustainability Agreements in European Competition Law - How to Incorporate Environmental Considerations under Article 101 TFEU? by Sarah Legner
    • Discussant: Maria Jose Schmidt Kessen
    • Atmanirbhar Bharat - India's Approach to the Circular Economy by Pratiksha Ashok
    • Discussant: Subhashish Gupta
    • IT vendors & buyers with sustainability criteria: A Case Analysis of Ökol´s experience with Microsoft by Libertad Ramos Siqueira
    • Discussant: Tamta Margvelashvili
    10.30h Coffee Break
    11.00h Plenary Session 6: Emerging issues in Green & Digital Transition
    • Chair: Caroline Cauffman
    • Keynote Martijn Snoep, ‘An Enforcer's Perspective on the Green & Digital Transition: Dilemmas of EU & National Enforcement’
    • Ticketmaster, online bots and the price of concert tickets: competition, consumer protection & technical perspectives by Konrad Kollnig
    • Discussant: Inge Graef
    • The Relevance of Human Rights and Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence for the Greening of Antitrust Law by Maria Jose Schmidt Kessen
    • Discussant: Michael Faure



    13.45h Parallel Session 7.1: Green & Digital deal’s Macro Dimensions
    • Chair: Oles Andriychuk
    • Multi-Layered Digital Enforcement Measures and the EU Green Deal. A Chance to Take by Tomasz Braun
    • Discussant: Caroline Cauffman
    • Geopolitical Aspects: Competitive Playing Field’s Macro Landscape by Ivan Rubinic
    • Discussant: Martin Munu
    • Ex-ante Regulation in Digital Markets in India by Gaurav Ghosh and Subhashish Gupta
    • Discussant: Kena Zheng
    13.45h Parallel Session 7.2: Digital Dilemmas & Multi-Level Governance
    • Chair: Daniel L. Rubinfeld
    • Possible Solutions to the Dilemma between the Demand for Algorithmic Transparency and the Protection of Trade Secrets by Huang-Chih Sung
    • Discussant: Rosa Braun
    • If I Could Have, I Would Have: Multi-Level Governance and Trust towards the DMA's Effectiveness by Alba Ribera Martínez
    • Discussant: Maria Jose Schmidt Kessen
    • Compulsory licensing of intellectual property in foreign ICT investments by Gábor Hajdu
    • Discussant: Tania Pantazi
    13.45h Parallel Session 7.3: Emerging Issues in IP, Data and Competition
    • Chair: Thomas Graf
    • An analysis of playlist composition through the lens of copyright and competition law by Justine Haekens
    • Discussant: Juan Pablo Iglesias
    • Computional antitrust and IP in the tropics: Implementation of AI by Columbia's competition agency and IP office by Juan David Guiterrez
    • Discussant: Pratiksha Ashok
    • Excessive Data Collection and Misuse of Data: Comparing the German Facebook Case and the Chinese Didi Taxi Case by Qian Li
    • Discussant: Rogier Creemers
    15.15h Note of thanks, and road ahead for COM&IP Insights by Kalpana Tyagi
    15.30h End


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