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Situated at the Tapijn barracks within the picturesque city park, EDLAB offers the UM Teaching & Learning community an engaging space to meet and collaborate in the heart of Maastricht.


The EDLAB team

Management & Support
Ellen Bastiaens Director
Marie-Lou Mestrini Office Manager
Innovation and Education Development
Walter Jansen Senior Coordinator Innovation
Lena Gromotka Junior Coordinator Innovation
Oscar van den Wijngaard Senior Project Manager
Iris Burks Project Manager UM Advising
Jacqueline Charpentier Researcher
Annechien Deelman Senior Project Manager Global Citizenship for Sustainable Development
Professional Development & Training
Donna Carroll Senior Educational Training Developer
Eveline Persoon EDLAB Programming and Logistics Coordinator
Dominique Meyers EDLAB Programming and Logistics Coordinator
Education Research
Alice Pan Education Research Coordinator
Education and ICT
Gaby Lutgens Domain lead Education & ICT
Excellence Education
Fabienne Crombach Senior Coordinator Excellence Education
Tania Topa Junior Coordinator Excellence Education
Sueli Brodin Communications Advisor
Iris Smeets Intern, Zuyd University
Student assistants
Damian Chmielewski Student assistant, Law
Lia Křížová Student assistant, FASoS
Bianca Massacci Student assistant, FSE
Paula Aldaz Laquidain Student assistant, FSE
Iveta Dzivite Student assistant, FHML
Austin Isabella Student assistant, FHML

How to reach EDLAB

Aerial photo

EDLAB aerial photo

State of Siege Mural

State of Siege is a 40 metre gouache mural that decorates EDLAB’s building at the Tapijnkazerne. Navine G. Khan-Dossos, an artist at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, used the building’s structure, history and context as a source of inspiration for this artwork.

Her imagination was especially sparked by the historical figure of General Dibbets, whose cenotaph is also located at Tapijn.