Eline Couperus (E.)

Eline Couperus is a Junior Lecturer-PhD Researcher at the Department of Foundations and Methods of Law at Maastricht University. Her PhD-research focuses on the evaluation of the freedom to conduct a business (art. 16 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU) as a fundamental economic liberty from a legal philosophical perspective. The project is under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Roland Pierik (Maastricht University), Prof. Dr. Sacha Garben (College d'Europe), and Assistant Prof. Dr. Šejla Imamović (Maastricht University). Eline holds a LLB in Law, an LLB in Tax Law and an LLM Encyclopedia & Philosophy of Law from Leiden University. In addition, she holds an LLM in International & European Tax Law of the University of Amsterdam.

Before starting her PhD-project, she worked as a Junior Lecturer at Maastricht University. In her capacity of lecturer, she taught Introduction to Law, Onderzoeksmethoden, Legal Philosophy, Leergang Professionele Ontwikkeling, Casus & Vaardigheden 1, Geschiedenis van Recht en Rechtvaardigheid, and States, Markets, and European Integration. Alongside teaching, she is involved in developing courses, such as Grondslagen en Methoden van het Belastingrecht, and Rechtsfilosofie, and supervises Bachelor’s theses.

She is particularly interested in the European Court of Justice’s approach to economic liberties when balanced with other fundamental rights, the role of economic liberties in a social Europe, and the normative and legal philosophical aspects of economic freedoms.