Double degree in Work and Organisational Psychology with Seville

If you graduated from the bachelor's programme in Psychology from Maastricht University, you have the opportunity to take part in a two-year double degree master's programme in Work and Organisational Psychology (WOP), which is taught in collaboration with the University of Seville in Spain. You will follow the one-year WOP master’s programme in Seville, followed by the one-year WOP master’s programme in Maastricht. After successful completion of both master’s programmes, you will receive two official master’s degrees in Work and Organisational Psychology, one from Seville and one from Maastricht.

Programme outline, year 1 in Seville

Courses ECTS (60)
Social and Community Interventions 6 - first semester
Psychology of Communication and Culture 6 - first semester
Managerial Skills 6 - first semester

Negotiation and Mediation

6 - first semester
Educational Psychology 6 - second semester

Intervention in Human Resources Psychology

6 - second semester
Placement 12 - second semester

Methodology for Intervention and Social Evaluation

6 - second semester
Decission making: Economic behaviour 6 - second semester


Programme outline, year 2 in Maastricht

Courses ECTS (60)
Work Psychology 5 - first semester
Human Resources 5 - first semester
Practical Training: Occupational Health Audit 0 - first semester
Practical Training: What is it like to be a Work and Organisational Psychologist? 0 - first semester
Organisation and Cognition 5 - first semester
Human Performance 5 - first semester
Practical Training: Surveys on Organisations 0 - first semester
Practical Training: Conflict Management 0 - first semester
Practical Training: Data Analyses 0 - first semester
Professional Skills Training 10 - year
Research Internship 17 - year
Research Methods for Work and Organisational Psychologists 0 - year
Research Proposal 5 - year
Master's Thesis 8 - year


Admission requirements and eligibility

Third-year students of the bachelor's programme in Psychology at Maastricht University are eligible to apply for the double degree programme with the University of Seville. The admission requirements for the two-year double degree master’s programme are in accordance with the admission requirements for Maastricht University's master’s programme in Work and Organisational Psychology. Before starting the double degree master’s programme, admitted students must successfully complete the bachelor's programme in Psychology at Maastricht University (180 ECTS).

Selection procedure

The selection procedure for the double degree programme is organised by the International Relations Office of Maastricht University's Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience and takes place in the third year of the bachelor's programme. Three spots are available for this programme each year. Students will be selected based on their academic background (results during the bachelor’s programme), motivation and Spanish language proficiency (minimum level B1 according to CEFR).


You'll remain registered and pay tuition fees to Maastricht University throughout the entire double degree programme. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for Erasmus+ funding for your stay in Seville.

More information?

Check the IRO page (log in required)

You can also contact the IRO through Ask Psychology.