27 Jan 2023

47th Dies Natalis

Maastricht University celebrates its 47th Dies Natalis on Friday, 27 January 2023. We look forward to inspiring speeches, award ceremonies and music at the St. Janskerk in Maastricht. 

The agenda for this joyous occasion includes a keynote lecture by Cyrus Mody, professor at our Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Rector Prof. dr. Pamela Habibović will award the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize, the Dissertation Prize and the Student Prizes. Prof. Robert S. Langer will be awarded the honorary doctorate.

47th Dies Natalis Maastricht University 2023

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Theme: ‘Bold yet prudent: technological innovation and society’

When it comes to technology, we keep evolving and improving. This technological innovation reinforces the best and worst of human nature. Maastricht University believes it is up to universities to consider the potential deeper effects of new technologies carefully and in an interdisciplinary way. This is how we do justice to our role as a catalyst of innovation. This important theme will be the focus of this Dies Natalis.

Keynote speaker Cyrus Mody

In keeping with this year’s theme, Prof. Cyrus Mody of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will give an inspiring keynote lecture. A principal investigator on an NWO Vici grant, he specialises in the history and development of the oil industry since 1965. As co-investigator of an ERC Synergy grant, he is committed to creating a healthy scientific dialogue.

Prof. Cyrus Mody, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Awarding of the honorary doctorate

Prof. Robert S. Langer will receive the honorary doctorate for his impressive and influential contributions to science and business. He is scientist, chemical engineer, entrepreneur and Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prof. Robert Langer was nominated by the Faculty of Science and Engineering and he will be awarded the honorary doctorate by Prof. Thomas Cleij (Faculty of Science and Engineering) and Prof. Clemens van Blitterswijk (Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences). Prof. Langer will join us via a live connection from the United States. 

Bachelor's Student Prizes

In the morning, the Bachelor's Student Prizes are also awarded. You can watch this ceremony via a separate livestream, see below.

Prof. Robert S. Langer (photo credit: Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Foundation)

47th Dies Natalis – Bachelor Student Prizes