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  • Now is the time for global citizenship education to come of age

    1 July 2020
    Maastricht University’s cross-syllabus approach could point the way forward, say Herco Fonteijn and Teun Dekker. Read the full blog on Times Higher Education .
  • Global Citizenship Education | Blog 1 | Ben

    1 July 2020
    in General
    As I step out of the station, a drizzle is falling from the grey and cloudy sky. I wrap the thick black woollen scarf slightly tighter around my head. Having to cross the Sint Servaasbridge means being subject to the whims of winter winds which travel over the river Maas. How often have I there not almost lost my umbrella to the strong air?
  • The search for a vaccine: scientific and ethical considerations

    11 June 2020
    It feels sometimes as if the whole world of science is working exclusively on finding a cure for COVID-19. If you are looking at the search for an effective vaccine, it was recently published in The New York Times that more than 130 vaccine candidates are currently in the pipeline, which is still growing.
  • Coming back to the workplace in pandemic times

    29 May 2020
    In the current phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries across Europe are fortunately seeing a decrease in detected infections, hospital admissions and deaths. This is the effect of lockdown policies with different elements but with the common denominator of social distancing, travel restrictions and a work-from-home policy for most sectors. Also in the Netherlands, this has been the general policy of the ‘intelligent lockdown’.
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