Why do Dutch entrepreneurs just across the border not receive corona benefits?

14 May 2020

During the corona crisis, national measures in the three countries on the Limburg borders are not coordinated equally well. As a result, there is currently a situation in the border region where certain border entrepreneurs fall between the cracks, such as in the Dutch newspaper NRC on April 2nd ("Emergency support for entrepreneurs? Not for these 'border cases") and recently on April 24th in the Limburger and WijLimburg ("It seems as if the border entrepreneur stinks of rotten fish"): a Belgian resident with a year-old fish shop in the Netherlands, who now misses out on support facilities. Given the complexity of the measures, some nuance is needed. Some measures have already been fine-tuned, others have not yet been fine-tuned and that is why The Netherlands in particular needs to take action. Moreover, the lack of regulation for cross-border entrepreneurs is not in line with the strategy of a cross-border economy.

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