Corona-creativity-boost or corona-energy-drain?

21 April 2020

Creativity needed more than ever in the creative industry

The Corona-crisis and the lockdown hits severely, and particularly the cultural and creative industries. Already a traditionally precarious industry not having deep pockets, COVID‑19 knocks out most core activities of the sector. Concerts, expositions, performances, teaching activities… they all have human interaction and social gathering at its core. The whole ecosystem of the sector is at risk. And all those contributing to make the sector alive are without income. From small local initiatives to big international events, they are cancelled for an indeterminate period. How is this dealt with?

ITEM, law, corona
Eva van Ooij

Eva is currently doing her PhD research at the Faculty of Law in the field of European law focussing on mobility on the labour market and the coordination regulation on social security. She is passionate about discovering new ways and building bridges between people, cultures and disciplines. Eva has a rather broad background and gathered knowledge, tools and professional experience in performing classical music with her cello, teaching cultural entrepreneurship to young professionals, exploring mediation, moderating and presenting discussions, and asking the right and wrong questions while doing academic research. Eva holds two cum laude master’s degrees in Music and European law and explored the European territory during her studies in Maastricht, Amsterdam, Brussels, Freiburg and Basel. Proactive, creative, pragmatic: Eva believes in mutual respect and the power of personal development.