Let us not forget about EU fundamental rights

9 March 2020

Human rights violations continue to be a major issue at the EU’s external borders and  pushbacks have been reported in several EU Member States. Most recently, the spotlight has been on Spain’s long-standing practice of pushbacks at the border of Melilla, as the ECtHR handed down its long-awaited judgment in the case of N.D and N.T v. Spain on 13 February 2020. Shockingly, the Court overturned the Chamber judgment, finding no violation of the Convention and thereby backing Spain’s decision to return migrants and refugees without consideration of their individual circumstances and without the possibility to apply for asylum, or to contest this immediate decision.

Elin Börjedal

Elin Börjedal joined the department of International and European Law as a PhD researcher in January 2019. Her research focuses on the multilevel governance of fundamental rights in the EU, more specifically, on the division of responsibilities between the EU institutions and the Member States in fundamental rights protection, the existence of a positive duty to protect fundamental rights, and the self-perceptions of the different actors involved in ensuring such protection.

Alongside her research, Elin teaches courses in European and International law. Elin is also a member of the Maastricht Center of European Law (MCEL) and the Ius Commune Research School.