Towards the end of German housing (construction) subsidies?

22 October 2019

More than ten years after the European Court of Justice ruled that the German Eigenheimzulage was in breach of European law, the EC also started questioning its successor, the Baukindergeld. ITEM had previously concluded that the Baukindergeld was in breach of European law. We now await the conclusion of the European Commission (EC), which had indicated that it would enable Germany to defend the current rules. If the EC does not agree with the German answer, this could once again mean the end of a German housing (construction) subsidy.

Ruben Tans

Ruben works as a researcher at the knowledge institute ITEM. After graduating from UM with a bachelor's degree in European Law School, he also successfully completed the masters European Law School and Globalisation and Law.

During his studies he developed an interest in migration law and human rights law. He also participated in the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition, where the team reached the semifinals.

He also works at the GrensInfoPunt in Maastricht. There he provides information to frontier workers, a position that is closely related to his work for ITEM.