Will the European Social Model become a reality at last?

18 March 2019
ITEM in General, Law

More than 17 million workers living or working in another Member State are exposed to possible violations of their rights, either because of poor implementation of EU rules, disinformation or lack of coordination among Member States. Therefore, the EU plans to set up a new authority that will support fair labour mobility within the EU, allowing citizens and businesses to seize the opportunities offered by the single market while supporting cooperation between national authorities, including in preventing and tackling social fraud and abuse. ITEM cooperates with authorities and societal actors on all levels to make fair mobility a reality, in particular for frontier workers. ITEM research supports common endeavours to remove obstacles that hinder cross-border labour mobility in everyday life. Considering the longstanding critique on the EU’s “social deficit”,this new European Labour Authority (ELA) may help blow new life into the long untended European Social Model.