The Democratic Ideal in Light of the Brexit

4 July 2016

The day after the “Brexit”-referendum, with a majority of 51.9% voting to leave the European Union, some speak of the success of democracy (“the people have spoken”). Already, there are calls for referenda in other countries to let the people speak there, too. This suggests that independently of our own opinion on the matter, we should be celebrating the referendum as an exercise of direct democracy. Is it worth celebrating, however?

Antonia Waltermann

Antonia Waltermann is assistant professor at the department of Foundations and Methods of Law at Maastricht University. Between 2012 and 2015, she worked as lecturer for the department of Public Law. She received her PhD in April 2016 for her thesis Sovereignties, a conceptual analysis and rational reconstruction of the concept of sovereignty. Her research interests span from theoretical questions of public law to questions of the epistemological foundation of law in general. Her current research concerns actions of non-human entities.

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