How are we going to do that?

Back on campus after the summer

After the summer we can come back to campus. Finally, we get to see each other in real life. Things won’t be completely back to the way they were when we first get started. Corona will not have completely disappeared by then. But the doors can be opened, allowing us to study and work again on campus. Here we explain how we are going to do that, and in the cases where we don’t have answers yet, we let you know what the current situation is and how we’ll progress.



The government has recommended organising education without metre-and-a-half social distancing as of August. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that at the start of the new academic year we expect all students on location for their education-related activities, such as tutorial groups, labs, exams and advisory sessions. You will hear from your faculty what that will look like for your programme as soon as possible.
This means that, where applicable, there will be mandatory attendance.

What measures will still apply after the summer?

As of August, the maximum group size allowed indoors may still be limited, so you might need to follow certain parts of your programme online. Furthermore, we will provide extra hand-cleaning and disinfection stations in the buildings. Measures such as wearing face masks, walking routes, self-testing and staying at home if you have corona-related symptoms will continue as long as the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) requires.

Travel restrictions

It may be the case that you cannot come to Maastricht for corona-related reasons. For example, because you cannot travel to the Netherlands from the country where you are staying. In that case, when possible, you can follow your programme online. When this is not possible, such as with lab work, you will have to make these activities up later. As soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, we expect you back on campus. If you already have questions about this or other personal circumstances, please contact your study advisor.

More information
Read more about current measures and other corona information.



All our employees are also welcome back at their usual work location starting in the new academic year. Working from home as required by the corona measures will come to an end. If you still have corona-related reasons not to come to campus after the summer, you can contact your supervisor or the occupational health physician to come to a solution together.

In the coming months, plans for hybrid forms of work (partly at home, partly on campus) will also be presented. As soon as there's more clarity, we'll let you know.

INKOM and faculty introductions

The INKOM and the faculty introductions are activities with many participants. Of course, we want to organise these as safely as possible. For the faculty introductions, this may mean that certain parts, in which large numbers of participants are involved, will still take place online. For the INKOM, all activities will be arranged in such a way that they can take place safely and responsibly within the rules and on location. We'll keep you posted.

PhD defences and other events

PhD defences are currently allowed on campus with a maximum of 15 spectators. Also in the new academic year, PhD defences will be allowed on campus in adherence to the government measures that apply then. For other events, such as inaugural and farewell addresses and research symposiums, the guidelines of the RIVM will always be considered when determining what is possible. We'll keep you informed via the communication mails.


... we would like to stress that we are doing everything we can to welcome you safely back on campus in the new academic year. We will keep a close eye on all developments in the coming months and adjust our plans as necessary.

  Remember: the measures we are all used to by now still apply. So, keep a metre-and-a-half distance from one another, wash your hands frequently, wear a face mask, do the self-tests and stay at home if you have any symptoms or if you have had contact with someone who has corona. Even if you have been vaccinated!