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  • Unrest still reigns in Venezuela and a major question remains unanswered: who is the President at the moment, Maduro or Guaidó? Despite the political aspirations of Guaidó and recognitions to that effect by several States, this blogpost will determine that, legally speaking, Maduro is still the...

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  • The recent cancellation decision of the word mark “BigMac” by the EUIPO Cancellation Division has raised several questions: is use of a trade mark on a website sufficient to fulfil the requirement of making genuine use of the mark? Or is evidence of sales required?

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  • With the development of international trade, local products have started to spread all around the world and become popular worldwide. Geographical indications (GIs) are meant to protect the use of the name that indicates certain characteristics and the origin of products typical for a particular...

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Opening of Faculty Board Room, alumni wall, and: help us name our tutorial rooms!

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