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With Law Blogs Maastricht we intend to open our legal expertise and make our research findings and contributions to topical debates available for a general public of lawyers and law students, non-lawyers, the press, and (civil) society. Authors of all our contributions are staff members of Maastricht University Faculty of Law.

Personal capacity
The authors blog in a personal capacity. We welcome suggestions by sending us an e-mail.

Book review

Advanced introduction to Private Law
In this introduction, one of the world’s leading private law scholars takes you on an intellectual journey through the different facets and dimensions of the field, from the family home to Kuta Beach and from Thomas Piketty to Nina Hagen. 

The book stands out as a unique account of how private law allows individuals to optimally flourish in matters of economy, work, leisure, family and life in general.

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 Advanced Introduction to Private Law

Advanced Introduction to Private Law