Indie Art Legal Clinic

Our History


Several efforts contributed to the inception of the Clinic. The Province of Limburg supported the idea by organising and sponsoring the launch event of the Clinic, which marks its official starting date (7 September 2018), but also facilitates the strengthening of ties between the academic staff, students, law firms, and the artistic community. The Faculty of Law granted the Faculty Innovation Prize to our Clinic, allowing it to work within the premises of the Faculty and making sure that other necessary requirements are fulfilled. Because the Clinic is integrated within our programmes, it is also supported by the Advanced Master Programme in Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (through its funding of the Jean Monnet bachelor module on Intellectual Property in the Digital Single Market).

The Indie Art Legal Clinic has been integrated in and superseded by 'The Innovator’s Legal Clinic (TILC)'.

What we do

The Indie Art Legal Clinic provides pro-bono advice to independent artists (visual artists, musicians, performers, street artists, film makers, game designers, programmers, etc.). The advice is given by mixed teams of both master and bachelor students, upon request from an artist. Students work together by identifying the problem, researching possible solutions and issuing a report with the proposed solution, all under supervision of a faculty member and an experienced lawyer.  The client can meet with the team after this report is issued, for a face-to-face consultation (which is made under the supervision of either the faculty member and/or a lawyer as well).

Our students are drawn from the Advanced Master in Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management and from the Jean Monnet Bachelor Course Intellectual Property in the Digital Single Market.