Master Yourself Employability

Master Yourself workshops and masterclasses

Held at high-profile companies and organisations, these free sessions offer students a not-to-be-missed chance to expand their network. The Master Yourself workshops and masterclasses give prospective graduates first-hand experience of how organisations are run and what they need in terms of personal and professional skills.

“I liked every workshop I attended, but the one on contract negotiation skills was the most interesting. It really added value to the skills I gained during my master’s.

Mateus Kambale Sahani, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Science students

Discover your competences

What kind of a person are you? What drives you? What are you looking for? And what are you capable of? Students can discover your competences in a workshop that gives them insight into their key assets, qualities and motives.

“This workshop helped me to create a brief description of myself based on my work experience and my career aspirations. It was really useful, because now I added it to my LinkedIn profile.”

Joedith López, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

Alumni Coach Café

Alumni Coach Café

An informal and inspiring evening get-together where young alumni and master students sit down in groups of three to exchange ideas about making the next move in their careers. Guided by a supervisor, the students share their dreams, explore their talents and find out what their options are.

“Participants don’t go home with a job, but hopefully with new insights. Often people are trapped in a certain mindset and your role is to set them free.”

Arjan van Rijssen, moderator of Alumni Coach Café

Personal support

Personal support

UM offers a wide range of personal support services. These include confidential advisers, student deans, psychologists, study advisers and career advisers. The latter two may be helpful in answering questions about study choices and career prospects, like which master's programmes can I do and how do I go about finding a suitable job?

Most students will find the 15-minute Quick Career Advice sessions very helpful; some may want to make a follow-up appointment with a career counsellor to obtain more specific advice.

  • Master Yourself workshops and masterclasses

  • Discover your competences

  • Alumni Coach Café

  • Personal support