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This column features three alumni from the same study programme. Graduated in different cohorts, they're now working in various branches with diverse responsibilities. Their stories show how you can design your career and how Maastricht University contributes to that.


Personal development for young alumni

The Coachcafé is an evening programme which is intended for young alumni (who graduated no more than five years previously) and involves three rounds of discussions. Each round will focus on one question:

1. What is your talent?
2. What is your dream?
3. What is your next step?

Each meeting will involve three participants, young alumni of Maastricht University, and one coach. The coach will supervise the discussion, ask stimulating questions, inspire the participants and help them find answers. 

The concept has proved successful and similar events have been organised in various locations in the Netherlands for years. It helps young alumni to adopt a more mindful approach to what their true strengths and wishes are.

The next Coachcafé takes place on 6 June in Maastricht. Click here to sign up.

Independent team players

It has been shown that UM alumni are more competent than their colleagues trained elsewhere in ten professional skill areas. They have strong problem-solving abilities, work in a project-based manner, quickly find their way around information, and are masters at producing new ideas. 

UM alumni are well capable of operating and managing independently while at the same time being strong team players who are open to colleagues. Moreover, they are broadly oriented towards Europe and the world and have excellent knowledge of English thanks to the usually English-taught programmes. They are doing equally well in national and international companies as in academic, cultural and societal institutions.

Maastricht University in de rankings

Ranking 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
QS World University Ranking 121   169 173 200
THE 98   88 94 103
Sjanghai 281 260      
QS under 50 7 6 8 7 13
THE under 50 6 6   4 6

 For more information see rankings and accreditations

Vacancies and internships

Looking for a job or an internship? Visit UM Career Services they can provide you with information on:

 links to UM vacancy databases
 links to external vacancy websites
 information on working and living abroad 
 career events
 career advice
 setting up your own company

Or go the UM Vacancy Board  to see vacancies for recent graduates and professionals. The board also lists internships, part-time jobs and voluntary positions.

Life long learning

Alumni - Carriere

Maastricht University has a wide range of Postgraduate Programmes. So there is always a possibility to broaden or update your knowledge long after you have graduated. UM offers short courses, workshops and study programmes over a longer period of time. Also, the Language Centre has lots to offer if you have ambitions to learn a new language or improve one you master already. For some programmes counts that alumni are offered the courses or workshops for a special price.

Service Science Factory | UMIO | Maastricht University offers a unique learning experience which will give you the insights, tools and mind-set you need to apply service design thinking to your own business challenges. Join us in Maastricht from 24-26 July for the Maastricht Summer Experience. Alumni receive a discount of €200.

Career Services

How can we be of service to you NOW, now that you just graduated?
Maastricht University Career Services is there to help students prepare for their professional career. But of course we won't forget about our alumni. 

Up till 6 months after graduation you can make use of the following services:

  • CV check and Quick Career Advice
  • Vacancy database of UM Career Services
  • Orientation workshops and career preparation workshops
  • Presentations, network and career events
  • Job interview simulation (individually and with video recordings)
  • Individual assessment training
  • Individual support from our career counsellors
  • Online tips & tools

How can we be of service to each other LATER in your career?​
UM Career Services can even be of service to the company or organisation for which you are employed. Your employer can also be of great value to us. We can assist each other through the following:

  • The possibility to offer work placements and/or (starter) vacancies for free via our vacancy database
  • The possibility to represent your company or employer at career events
  • The organisation of a company visit for students
  • Help in finding the right contacts within Maastricht University and/or study associations
  • Enlisting UM students by means of a presentation, lecture or participation in a career event.

 More information  Career & Studies