WiDS 2024

Suzan Govaert

WiDS Maastricht Conference 2024 - Tech Talk Speaker 2

Drs. Suzan Govaert (CZ)
Drs. Suzan Govaert

Drs. Suzan Govaert is a data scientist at CZ. Her primary focus centers on the development of an advanced chatbot for reimbursement queries in the field of generative AI, harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT's Large Language Model. Additionally, she contributed to signaling healthcare provider fraud using anomaly detection techniques. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences from Maastricht University and graduating cum laude with a Master's in Data Science from JADS, Suzan's academic and professional journey underscores her dedication to data science and its innovative applications in healthcare.

At the WiDS Maastricht Conference on Thursday 7 March 2024, Drs. Govaert will hold the second Tech Talk, entitled "CZ's Data Odyssey for Cost-Effective Healthcare: Signaling Potential Fraud with Anomaly Detection and Elevating Customer Service through Generative AI".